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Brands Beyond Breaches

A Brand Playbook for Privacy Protection.

Download your copy of the newly released 2024 report now.

"This playbook is designed for those who steward brands and craft

messages. It's for the vigilant, the 'proactively paranoid', the prepared,

the forward-thinking, and most importantly, the customer-centric.

Join us as we explore these crucial themes, and aim to redefine the

standards of trust and integrity in brand comms."

- John Bevitt, Managing Director, Honeycomb Strategy



1 / Distrust

Addressing the rising concerns of personal data secruity 

2 / The Data Breach

Recovering customer trust 

3 / Industry Influence

Does your indsutry help or hinder trust?

4 / Personalisation vs Privacy

What's the right balance for consumers?

5 / Bridging the Knowledge Gap

Guiding consumers to smarter data security


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